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11165140_10155434345225313_3270905445445460289_oJacqueline Bishop interviews Michela Calderaro:

White Caribbean’: An interview with biographer Michela Calderaro on the life and work of Jamaican poet Eliot Bliss, “Bookends”, the Sunday Literary Supplement, The Jamaica Observer (19 April 2015).

“Jacqueline Bishop’s Art: A Synesthetic Experience”, [Il Tolomeo. Articoli, recensioni e inediti delle Nuove Letterature, 1-2, XVI, 2013]. Now published in Jacqueline Bishop, The Gymnast and Other Positions, Peepal Tree Press Ltd (2015). OCM Bocas non-fiction winner!

“Singing the Song of Freedom. Jacqueline Bishop’s Caribbean Journey” Introduction. By the Rivers of Babylon, Art Catalogue (March 30th – April 22nd 2018). SRO Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

Loretta Collins Klobah, RicantationsIl Tolomeo, Vol. 20, December 2018 [print] ISSN 1594-1930; online e-ISSN 2499-5975. Review

Jaqueline Bishop_The Gymnast (Il Tolomeo Vol. 18, December 2016)

Lasana Sekou_Book of the Dead (Il Tolomeo Vol. 18, December 2016)

Sharon Leach, Love it When You Come (Il Tolomeo Vol. 18, December 2016)

A Talk with Lorna Goodison (Calabash, Vol 4, 1)

Lorna Goodison: Our Garden of Eden (Calabash, Vol 5, 1)

Interview with Opal Palmer Adisa (Calabash, Vol 5, 1)

A Conversation with Shara McCallum (Calabash, Vol 3)

Lorna Goodison. Controlling the Silver (Calabash, Vol 3, 2)

Jacqueline Bishop’s The River’s Song (Calabash, Vol 5, 1)

The Unbridled Sea: Shara McCallum’s The Water Between Us (Calabash, Vol 1, 1)

Gus Edwards: Transferring The Caribbean Babylon to the Stage (Calabash, Vol 1, 1)

Paule Marshall: True Music of The Spheres. The Fisher King (Calabash, Vol 1, 2)

Words Give Love Too: Kamau Brathwaite’s “Words Need Love Too” (Calabash, Vol. 2, 1)

Lorna Goodison and Jacqueline Bishop (Wasafiri Vol. 24, 1 2009)